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Home care with empathy

Elderly Care solution for efficient homestay

About Homezorg

We help elderly persons to live in their homes safer and longer. Manage elderly health conditions through our Open Platform.

As a digital therapeutics company, we focus on using innovative technologies to build interactive data-driven care solutions for elderly people and care professionals. Our main goal is to enable better, safer, and more accessible nursing, care services and rehabilitation.

Our society is ageing rapidly

As a result, the health care system for the elderly is facing increasing burdens and costs. Every year in the Netherlands, more than 55,000 frail elderly people receive several weeks of geriatric rehabilitation.

A new model for elderly care

We help elderly persons to live in their homes safer and longer. 

Frailty monitoring techology

Our product allows elderlies to stay independent

We see that falls and hip fractures are major problem for the elderly, making them very vulnerable.

HomeZorg wants to help people move with a safe feeling and remain active. With our solution for frailty monitoring, they can experience the life they deserve.


Most elderly do not want to go to rehab because they feel safer at home.

We provide digital therapy that supports care professionals with an effective application of rehabilitation in the home situation.


During rehabilitation, the elderly status is not monitored constantly, so it is difficult to determine the actual progress and it is hard to adjust to a personal rehabilitation speed.

Elderly rehabilitation is based on each individual’s unique data. The adaptive technology adjusts it is recommendations as elderlies modify their behaviour.

Connect with family

Family members lack timely information on elderly health status

With HomeZorg Open Platform elderlies family members could monitor their health indicators and recovery process in a convenient mobile app.

Increased self-confidence​

Elderly people who have experienced a fall in the past may be more likely to develop a fear of falling & decreased self-confidence.

Our product allows elderlies to stay independent for longer. Without fear of falling – the elderly move more. Movement is precisely what is necessary to stay more vital.

Solving pressure on the caregivers

A shortage of caregivers in the labor market and growing needs of services. 

Our remote monitoring is based on each person’s unique data. Adaptive technology adjusts its recommendations as elderlies change their behaviour. This gives the opportunity to optimise caregivers’ service time.

Remote monitoring

Service like rehabilitation can be time-consuming for both elderlies and care service givers, as it often involves multiple visits to a therapist or rehabilitation facility.

With 24/7  remote care, we enable the elderly to improve their health with the help of our technology based on professional caregivers’ and scientists’ knowledge. 

Remote rehabilitation

Relapse after return to home situation challenges

After rehabilitation, elderlies usually return home and lose motivation because there is no one to encourage them to continue or they are not aware of how to take care of their health.

Our therapeutics enable elderlies to take ownership of their treatment under the continuous monitoring of our team 24/7.

Technology & AI

Open Platform

Powerful Platform, for caregivers and professionals, to help monitor elderly health status and recovery processes.

Collecting and analysing data

The Open Platform continuously collects data from third-party devices and apps and analyses it with AI algorithms.

Determine the impact

Collected and systematised data would detect subtle changes in frailty, report trends, and determine third-party interventions’ impact on elderlie health.

Tailored for professionals

On the Open Platform, professionals could monitor the effectiveness of treatment and the elderly health status.

Our product vision

Our Partners

Driving technology & science knowledge

Partners & advisors board

In project "LongTCM - Remote Long-Term Care Monitoring"

Van den Bos

Associate professor of Geriatric Medicine

Staff member Department of Geriatric Medicine


Professor of institutional and elderly care medicine

Elderly care physician at Topaz

van Dam - van Isselt

Elderly care physician at Pieter van Foreest

Senior researcher, Assistant professor


Associate professor Faculty of Social and behavioral sciences

Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Advisor & Board Member of Quant Actions


Director of Biomedical Engineering Institute

Professor, Department of Electronics Engineering


Head of the Laboratory of Multimodal Bio signal Flows

Project Senior Researcher Lecturer


Libertatis Ergo Holding B.V.


Business Manager
IFOZ / CbusineZ


Managing director

van Kemenade

Medical Director

Our leadership​

Get to know the people leading the way at HomeZorg

Maarten Zwitserloot

Founder & CFO

Auksė Stravinskienė

Product owner & COO

Sandra Craandijk

Product owner

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